Why China?

Here are the TOP reasons!

Cost of life
  • The average salary in China is around 950 USD in big cities and 700 USD in small towns.

  • People can have a decent life with an average monthly consumption of 800 USD in China.

  • The salary as an English teacher is three times higher than the average wage in China.

  • The public transportation is highly developed, fast, efficient and cheap.  

  • There are 17 subway lines and 1400 bus lines in Shanghai, 18 subway lines and 1200 bus lines in Beijing. Each subway ticket costs 0.7 dollars, and each bus ride costs 0.2 dollars.

  • The speed of the bullet train is 300 KM/hour, the speed of the maglev is 550 KM/hour. For taking the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai (1300 KM), it takes only 5 hours and 64 USD.

  • Taxi/Uber costs 2 dollars per short range ride.

  • There are 158 airports in China

  • • Generally, schools in big cities provide accommodation allowance, schools in small towns provide accommodation directly.

  • Once you arrived in China, the school will provide you a hotel to stay for 1 or 2 weeks.

  • The schools will help you to find a decent and comfortable apartment with all the necessary facilities.

  • The rent for an apartment (around 40 m2) in big cities costs around 400 USD per month.

  • You will have the WIFI installed in your apartment for free once you get your SIM card

Medical care
  • Most of the schools provide medical insurance to their teachers.

  • The standard of medical care in public hospitals is advanced and affordable for everybody including foreigners, because of the government’s financial aid to the public system.

  • An injection of antibiotic costs 3 dollars, an X-ray costs 7 dollars, a CT test costs 15 dollars, and a blood test costs 10 dollars.

  • In China, you can get every kind of food, and you can always find your favorite one here.

  • Lunch or dinner in a simple restaurant costs 2 to 3 dollars.

  • You can find more than 500 restaurants around you by the takeout APP on your phone. The food will be delivered in less than 40 mins with 0.5 USD delivery fee.

  • When you arrive in China, you can buy all the necessities in the supermarket with the help of the school.

  • Walmart, H&M, McDonalds and more, you can find all familiar brands here.

  • No matter if you are searching for luxury brands or casual brands, there are many choices for everyone

  • There are not only potential Chinese friends, but also 40 million foreigners who entry China every year, you will make connections all over the world.

  • Since China is such a big country, cities differ in the landscape, the architecture and the style of food. The endless prairie in Inner Mongolia, the sunny beaches in Hainan island, the city skyline of Shanghai or the traditional Chinese town in Suzhou city are just a few examples of China’s diversity. The domestic flight tickets to reach those destinations are affordable and will cost about 50 to 100 USD per person.

Career development
  • If you decide to stay long term in China, the exclusive opportunities are here.

  • Numbers of our candidates became educational consultants or principles of international schools.

  • Since the fast-growing Chinese economy offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs, it is a common thing to start a business. A stable English teaching job gives you safe access to Chinese society. As a consequence, the numbers of our candidates starting their own international trading business after being an English teacher in China is just another chance we wanted to mention.