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British in Beijing

What impressed me most about Wook talent was their knowledge of the visa process and their dedication to helping me get a job in China. Unlike other agents, I felt as though they were available whenever I needed to speak to them. They are an extremely trustworthy bunch and their ethos seems to be client-focused as opposed to chasing profits by placing anybody anywhere. This is also demonstrated by them still assisting me to this day with my queries even though they placed me long ago. It sure is a scary thing to come to China when you aren't used to it, and it can be difficult to trust people you don't know, but I always felt comfortable cooperating with Wook Talent and placing my trust in them has really paid off.



Scottish in Shanghai

I think I'll start off by saying; leaving your country to go work abroad for a year is a daunting experience. There can be so many hurdles, missteps and stress that you might not even think it's worth it. But despite only being in China for a short while I think I have made a fantastic decision, Wook selected a great school for me to teach where I'm enjoying everyday with my coworkers and kids. After work I get to experience the world of China little by little through its food, architecture and people. If at any point I have had trouble or an issue however big or small I know that Wook (and the school) are there to back me up and help me as best as they can to which I'm thankful. If anyone is still hesitating about teaching abroad then I implore you to go with Wook, you won't regret it.



Australian in Beijiing

I can properly say WOOK talent is nothing but the most helpful agency I have ever worked for. They have a large base of schools based in the ESL industry in China and first hand industry knowledge.

They are well versed on all the procedures required to work in China and will always assist you in whatever way legally possible to get you into China.

Not to mention you can always contact your WOOK Talent agency representitive if you have any concerns, well into the future of your career.

Wook talent will always be the only go to provider for work for myself within China. Their ability to source you a job in every major city in China is nothing short of legendary. All you need to be is brave, hard working, and a native english speaker.

If you are fresh off the boat for teaching, they can place you with a company that will provide you with training. If you are already an experienced teacher, they can place you with a company that expects you to hit the ground running.

Not to mention China is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich countries on the planet. ( the foods pretty good too )



Canadian in Xian

China is a different world. If you don't know the language or understand how they do things, things will be challenging for you during the first two months, let's not kid ourselves. This being said, I can only presume that you're coming to China for an adventure, and it will be one, with its ups and down. The one constant I've been able to rely on, the one person I've been able to trust to help whenever I needed it, my rock in China has been Anatole from Wook talent. He, and everyone I've had the pleasure of working with at the agency truly go above and beyond to make sure their teachers know what's going on, are well adjusted, and happy. If you have a question, they'll answer it, or find the answer. If you have a problem they'll help you find a solution. They are truly devoted. I work with many other teachers here in Xi'an and they all have horror stories about their agents. Illegal dealings, no help, no service, being cheated out of money... and all I can do is praise my agent. My fellow teachers all envy me. Wook even supplies free vpn to their teachers! And trust me, you WILL need that service in China. 5 star service!!! PS - Wook found an amazing shool for me and I love every child in my class!

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