Zhuhai Readboy Network Education Co.,Ltd. Program

Zhuhai Readboy Network Education Co.,Ltd. Program


School Introduction

Education is the most sacred and glorious cause. Since we entered the field of education in 1999, we have been insisting on promoting the development of learning methods through the progress of science and technology. From the first early teaching machine, video learning machine, palm computer, to the popular point reading machine, student tablet, intelligent watch, study cell phone and so on, reading Lang every time product innovation, all lead the new generation of learning tools change. Focus on 19, we are only for education!


We always adhere to the user first, from every detail of the product to explain the "craftsman spirit" which is strives for perfection, and to create students' exclusive customized intelligent products. Along the way, reading Lang Bingcheng science and technology innovation, has been evaluated as national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong software enterprises, Guangdong innovation enterprises and other products have a total of 51 patents, software copyright more than 20. With the quality of the ingenuity, give back to the first heart!


We have established a close cooperative relationship with the hundreds of famous educational institutions, such as Huanggang and Haidian, such as the people's education press, the North Normal University Press, the book planning of the song and line books, the New Oriental online, Disney English and other famous educational institutions, and from preschool to high school to create a one-stop platform for K12 education. Through the self-developed Learning OS learning system, integrate advanced teaching concepts and user experience, let the children enjoy it and learn well.


The company's products are sold at home and abroad and are sold to more than 20 countries and regions in the United States, Germany and Japan. There are huge marketing networks in all the provinces and cities throughout the country. There are more than 10000 retail terminals and nearly 1000 value-added service experience centers in each of the large series of products. The products are distributed throughout the country and the urban and rural markets, providing convenient products for consumers. Inspection and after-sales service.


With the "companion growth, happy learning" as the brand concept, we continue to introduce electronic digital products that are beneficial to the mental development of young and young children, with a view to changing education with science and technology so that children in different regions and different social and economic backgrounds can generate the greatest potential and realize the dream of learning and growing fast.




City : Zhuhai



Salary & Benefits :


  • 1900USD - 2900USD
  • Accommodation Provided
  • provided Christmas holiday and Chinese New Year (14 days)holiday
  • Air ticket reimbursement: 800USD
  • Yearly contract: 800USD
  • Airport pick up & Orientation
  • Wonderful Support system


Class :



  • Students age : 3-12 years old
  • Class Size : Network teaching
  • Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation



Working Hours


- 20 hours lesson time, 10 office time per week 

- 2 days off during weekdays 



Contact :


Wechat :  362335795

Mail : anatole@wookstudio.com

Apply way : Click here