Rise Program

Rise Program


School Introduction

Since the entry into the Chinese market in 2007, Rise English has been favored by children and parents. After ten years of hard work, we have created an educational system for children of different ages in China to synchronize with advanced international standards. Relying on the rich global educational experience and high quality product resources of the HMHG group, reth uses interactive multimedia as a teaching method to provide 3-18 year old children with pure American English, children's English and children's English for the 3-18 year old. In the full immersion English environment, stimulate children's interest in learning English, and use English as a mother tongue. Reth helps children to master the logic, culture, and way of thinking behind the language, and to develop the ability and creativity of children to solve practical problems, teamwork, presentation and presentation.




City : Shenzhen



Salary & Benefits :


  • 1500USD - 2400USD
  • Accommodation Provided
  • Paid National vacations
  • Airport pick up & Orientation
  • Wonderful Support system


Class :



  • Students age : 3 - 12 years old
  • Class Size : 8-12 children with the help of  assistant teacher ( English & Chinese speaker)
  • Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation



Working Hours


- 20 hours lesson time, 15 hours office time per week 

- Weekends off 



Contact :


Wechat :  362335795

Mail : anatole@wookstudio.com

Apply way : Click here