Prince Island International Kindergarten Program

Prince Island International Kindergarten Program


School Introduction

The Canadian Huangqiao education group CREG has integrated rich preschool education resources and advanced preschool education ideas in Canada and China. Over the past 15 years, more than 10 kindergartens were founded in China and Canada. CREG has the first-rate and colorful and colorful children's Multimedia English teaching resources. Relying on the educational resources of Canadian education, it provides advanced North American preschool education resources for each Prince's Island Kindergarten, promotes the development of preschool education in Canada and promotes children to become a world talent. Provide a strong guarantee.


City : Beijing



Salary & Benefits :


  • 1900 USD - 3000 USD
  • Accommodation provided
  • Normal vacations, no summer or winter holidays
  • Only visa application fee reimbursement
  • Airport pick up & Orientation
  • Wonderful Support system


Class :



  • Students age : 2 - 5 years old
  • Class Size : 12 - 30 children with the help of  assistant teacher ( English & Chinese speaker)
  • Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation



Working Hours


- 40 hours per week 

- Weekends off 



Contact :


Wechat :  362335795

Mail :

Apply way : Click here