New Oriental Kindergarten Program

New Oriental Kindergarten Program


School Introduction

Hongkong Xin Hsing (Group) Co., Ltd., with the enthusiasm of running a school and the care of education, invested the Chinese education in the way of non enterprise running a school. Starting from "cultivating a confident young child", the company hopes to create a high quality and forward-looking educational environment and train the successors of the new century. Nanping New Oriental kindergarten was born in December 2008. Many senior educators from Hongkong Xin He Xing (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly work together. Located in Yanping District Progress Road, the overall environmental space is designed by professional kindergarten environmental designers to meet the various needs of young children as a priority.


In the course and teaching, we take high looking education as the main axis, attach importance to infant sentiment education, guide children into the international teaching course and combine bilingual teaching with bilingual teaching, lead the professional teachers' group, and make the New Oriental kindergarten the cradle of the future international elite. We hope that everyone who comes to New Oriental will enjoy learning, stimulate their potential and self-confidence. Taking love, respect and trust as the core value, respecting the children's willingness to study independently and the right to think independently, fostering the future international elite with confidence, autonomy, wisdom, love of life and international vision, attach importance to the cooperation of the parents and participate in the children's learning, and attach importance to the professional orientation and the teaching of love in the teachers. And collaboration, in the environment to break the barriers of space, to create a rich and interactive learning environment, to meet the children's various learning. In the field of education in the future, the New Oriental will work harder and serve more sincerely. The New Oriental will follow its own gorgeous step towards the core of the international educational institution, with each child walking through an unforgettable and memorable childhood, making the future New Oriental baby in line with the world and looking forward to the future...



City : Nanping



Salary & Benefits :


  • 1900USD - 2900USD
  • Accommodation Provided
  • Christmas 5 days off
  • 2 tickets reimbursement

  • Airport pick up & Orientation
  • Wonderful Support system


Class :



  • Students age : 2 - 5 years old
  • Class Size : 12-30 children with the help of  assistant teacher ( English & Chinese speaker)
  • Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation



Working Hours


- 25 hours lesson time, 10 hours office time per week 

- Weekends off 



Contact :


Wechat :  362335795

Mail :

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