Jinan Children and Women’s Center Program

Jinan Children and Women’s Center Program


School Introduction

The Ji'nan women and children activity center is located under the beautiful hero mountain, covering an area of 50 mu and a building area of 16 thousand square meters. The whole park has a unique design and complete function. It integrates educational training, cultural activities, popular science entertainment and sports fitness. It is one of the places with a certain scale out of school education in Ji'nan and is the base and cradle to improve the comprehensive quality of women and children.


In recent years, under the support of the leadership of the Party group of the Ji'nan women's Federation, the center, adhering to the educational concept of "teaching the world of personnel, raising life consciousness" and "providing more people with better social education", practise the core core value culture of "virtue, study, music, and beauty", to improve the soft reality of education and culture in an all-round way. In order to create the hard brand of public image, adhere to the development of connotation, scientific development and continuous development, the "Trinity" education system of family, school and society has been successfully constructed. It has become an important position to expand the education of the school and cultivate the comprehensive quality of children in Ji'nan, and made a positive contribution to the development of the girl's child's development. . There are 60 professional training classes in culture, art, science and technology and sports 4 gates. Nearly 20 thousand students attend training and activities each year. More than 1000 students have won awards in all kinds of competitions at home and abroad, and have received wide praise from all walks of life. At the same time, focusing on the training activities, the center pays attention to the brand building, and creates a full day sunshine angel art troupe, red dance dance troupe, children's performing drama club, children's Choir, children's folk music group, middle age and old age Philharmonic. The volunteer group, which is composed of children and children, is a volunteer team of "heart Miao", which has played a positive role in cultivating the consciousness and ability of children's social practice with the slogan of "caring for society and taking action of heart seedlings" as a team slogan. The establishment of "Jinan Family Education Guidance Center" has provided effective services for family education guidance and children's healthy growth. Establish the Chinese culture experience base, take "inherit the Chinese culture, enlighten the wisdom life" as the idea, guide the children to learn, understand and experience the traditional culture, create the "treasure life education" practice platform "Anji town" life safety education experience hall, strengthen the safety consciousness and self-protection of children and families. To save the ability; to establish a stone appreciation art experience hall, and to use the "talking" stone to vividly describe the life process of people and others, people and society, human and nature, especially the personal development of the individual themselves, to enhance their own moral cultivation and spiritual realm; the establishment of the Chinese medical experience Museum, through the preliminary Chinese Medicine Cognition and experience, explore the healthy body and healthy psychology of children, so as to achieve the integration of material and spirit, and realize their own harmony and unity; the first young school football extracurricular activity base in Shandong Province, the introduction of the green training model of the Ajax club in Holland and the idea of "happy football" Promote the Olympic spirit of self-confidence and struggle to achieve the healthy physique of young children and a good social atmosphere for national fitness.




City : Jinan



Salary & Benefits :


  • 1900 USD - 2900 USD
  • Accommodation Allowance: 240USD
  • National vacations, 10 days annual leave
  • Airticket reimbursement:800USD
  • Contract bonus:800USD
  • Airport pick up & Orientation
  • Wonderful Support system


Class :



  • Students age : 2 - 5 years old
  • Class Size : 10 - 20 children with the help of  assistant teacher ( English & Chinese speaker)
  • Daily work includes teaching, class preparation and cooperation



Working Hours


- 40 hours per week 

- Weekends off 



Contact :


Wechat :  362335795

Mail : anatole@wookstudio.com

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