WOOK Talent will assist you at every step of the process

1. Apply online
  • Prepare your resume and self-introduction video.

  • Click here to see a video example

  • Decide the city preference, salary expectation, and the starting date.

  • Apply on our website

2. Job Matching
  • Resume verification.

  • Job matching according to your background, city preference, salary expectation.

  • We send you the job description and photos/videos of the school which is interested in your profile.

  • We organize an online interview.

3. Video Interview
  • Video interview via Wechat.

  • The school will show you the environment of the school during the interview.

4. Sign Contract
  • The school will send the contract to you by email.

  • If you agree on the terms of the contract, you could sign it and send it back to the school. The school will stamp the contract and send it back to you.

  • Employment relationship confirmed

5. Visa Process
  • After signing the contract with the school, our visa consultant will have a call with you and plan a customized visa solution according to your situation. 

  • Our visa consultant will also answer your questions regarding your future life in China such as opening a bank account and getting a SIM card.

  • You will prepare the documents according to the visa plan and apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or a Chinese visa application center

6. Fly To China
  • Our visa consultant will advise you regarding everything you need to prepare before coming to China.

  • Send the flight ticket information to the school for the airport pickup. 

  • Take the flight.

7 Start Working
  • The school or our agency will pick you up at the airport.

  • Have your first meal in China and take a rest at the hotel arranged by the school.

  • Enjoy your new life!


Job Matching

Sign Contract

Fly to China

Apply online

Video interview

Visa process

Start Working

By WOOK Talent

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