What things can you do in China that you cannot do in the USA?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Before people come to work in China, they always worry a lot. Since China is a socialist country, they will worry about there are a lot of things that they can do in the USA but forbidden here. Of course, there will be some inconvenience for a foreigner who first arrives in China like you need VPN to use your Facebook & Twitter ( Cause there was a terrorist attack organized through Facebook serval years ago in China). But is China a country like North Korea? No, actually you got more freedom in China than in the USA someway. I collect some viewpoints from foreigners who have been to China by themselves for your reference. You can find these people on Quora( just in case you think I make these things up).

——Chin, Partner of Wook Talent

Fuxing Train with a design speed of 350 km/h

1 When it comes to China, it’s really the opposite of the USA. There is a ridiculous amount of things you can do in China freely that you couldn’t possibly do in the USA (and even Canada.)

Having been in and out of China myself since 2010, more times than I can count, I’ve knocked off most of this on the list myself, some many times. Being in China since 2010, I own factories, warehouses, retail stores, farmland/rural land and much more. So I’ve experienced/seen everything.

As an authority on this topic, I’ve put together this list. Based on my experiences, my friend's experiences, my staff/employees in China, my business partners in China. This list views as the majority of China - this is a generalized list. While some areas it doesn’t apply to, it applies to most of China (China is very big).

Open/start any business anywhere.

It’s relatively easy to start a business and begin making money in China. You don’t have all that red tape like the US has to get registered, accounts created, and government filings right away.

Walk around at night.

China is very safe, especially in tourist areas. My apartment in China I could leave, and walk for an hour and always have police in my sights at his station/post no matter where I went, no matter the time. The US can be dangerous at night.

Easy travel between cities.

China is the king of transportation. Buses, subways, trains, they are everywhere. You really don’t need a car, there are more rail systems and buses in China then the rest of the world combined. The US you pretty much need a car if you travel far.

Open carry drinks.

Expanding on drinking, you can take your drink with you in public. Walk to the mall, take a taxi, drinking wine, beer, whatever. While you can do this in China, many people don’t. Can’t do this in the US.

Use any of the billion public washrooms that are everywhere.

China has a massive amount of public washrooms. And in cities with KFC, McDonald's which are all basically 24/7, you can use these. In the US you are limited to like gas stations and very few 24/7 places if you buy from them.

Are not expected to tip.

China doesn’t accept tips on services/food. In fact, most places will refuse or get angry if you try to tip. US’s culture is that they expect tips, regardless of how good the service is. Even if its poor service they expect a 15–20% minimum tip. Talk about entitlement.

—— Damien Defranco, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Consultant & Mentor

TAXX club in Shanghai

2 Carry an open container while walking down the street.

Not having to show identification to enter a club or buy alcohol.

Board a plane without excessive and intrusive security.

Walkthrough a farmer's fields without concern of trespassing.

Walk home through a dark alleyway at 2 am in a major city without fear of being mugged.

Use your mobile phone in a public place without offending people around you.

Watch an unlimited supply of movies and television series for free.

Eat authentic Sichuan food.

Light off a Fourth of July's worth of fireworks in the middle of your neighborhood.

A sense of the sheer number of people who live on this earth.

——Tim Lamb, Not a China Expert