What is a Chinese Training Center and what is it like teaching there?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Well equipped Training centers to prepare the younger generation to the future.

The main goal of a Training Center is to provide English lessons to children and adults. Besides there are of course different kinds of schools in China. To mention the most important ones let's stick to those three: Kindergarden, Public schools and International schools.

The biggest training centers are run by EF with many locations all over China, usually in populated areas like malls and shopping center. There are also educational brands like Beile and New Oriental. We cooperate with roughly 90 percent of the most important educational brands in China.

Training centers are extremely popular for students because they often offer superior English education when compared to Chinese public schools – they almost always employ native English speakers and use curriculum that is much better than the average school. 

In addition, the fact that they operate outside of normal school hours means students can get extra help without sacrificing other subjects. Talking about help which means working hours for teachers let's get to the time you will spend at the school.

Typically a Training center will demand 25 hours of classes and about 15 office hours to prepare the classes' content.

Most training centers in China employ 3-10 foreign teachers and have small classes with between 8 - 15 students at a time.  You can imagine that teaching in a classroom with a maximum number of 15 students is really convenient compared to the situation in several other school types where you have to be able to handle about 30 pupils. Modern Training centers in large tier 1 cities are usually well equipped with the students having access to modern technology like iPads.

To be honest Training centers aren’t affordable for the average Chinese family and the majority of parents sending their children to Training centers need to be financially well-off in order to pay for the fees. So it is likely that you are going to deal with well educated parents which eases the communications a lot since many of them at least speak a little bit English.

It is also important to mention that most classes taking place after school, some students might either be tired or distracted by other assignments, which can impact their class performance. Please be aware of this fact when you are an extremely passionate and dedicated teacher.

Still, for many teachers coming from western countries teaching in a modern, well organized and well endowed environment is appreciated as a privilege.

Another very relevant fact to mention is that you as a foreign English teacher don't need to worry about a barrier in communicating with children who just started to learn English or pupils who have difficulties to express themselves in proper English. Since there is a native speaker assisting you during classes by translating your explanations into Chinese the schools prevent misunderstandings.


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