What are the requirements for teaching English in China?

For teaching English in China, there are certain requirements.

In this article, we will explain the requirements from 2 aspects:

- Inelastic requirements: China work visa requirements

- Elastic requirements: Personality of an overseas ESL teacher

Inelastic requirements: China Work(Z) visa requirements

- You hold a passport from one of the Native English Speaking countries - the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa

- Your age is between 18 to 60 years old

- You don't have an acute infectious disease (Such as Tuberculosis, AIDS, etc.)

- You don't have any criminal record

- You hold a Bachelor degree or above from the official channel of the University

- You satisfy One of the three requirements (Just need one!)

1. You hold a TEFL/TESOL certification (Very easy to obtain)

You could click here to see the tips for TEFL/TESOL certifications

2. Your major is relative to Education or Language

Such as "English literature" or "Early Childhood Education"

3. You have 2 years of teaching experience after graduation

The company/school which you have worked with is able to issue you a recommendation letter

Reference: Government Service System for Foreigners Working in China


Elastic requirements: Personality of an overseas ESL teacher

- Bravery for traveling overseas

This might be one of the stereotypes that Chinese thinking about foreigners. In our history book, we learn the story of Christopher Columbus, Coachman Netherlands, and the Chinese may think the foreigners have more motivation to travel abroad.

But the truth is, in 21 centuries, not everyone wants to travel or working abroad. With the development of society and technology, the world has never been such safe, but with the media who sell the fear every day, the world has never been such dangerous in people's minds.

If you want to leave some unique experience in your life and have some good stories which you can tell to your grandchildren. bravery is necessary!

- Not a person with a political mind

Believe it or not, people are still asking the question "Does China have internet" or "Does China have electric light" online. Such as the tons of questions on Quora:


You are smiling, right? Aye! As a Chinese who can read in English, sometimes, I have to develop some sense of black humor, if not, I might be pissed off to death while reading Youtube comments about China.

Without the great firewall, with over 300 million Chinese who can read English, the whole internet might become a war of trolls. Well, seems like it has already been it.

Thanks to the outbreaking of coronavirus, lots of media have done the video report with the scenario of doctors and ambulance. I guess fewer people will ask such questions as "Does China have hospitals" or "Does China have cars" in the future.

Even most of us are not such political people, but our daily life is always getting involved in politics. We need to understand all the countries have their own propaganda. If an Alien comes on earth in the future, he/she/it may say: "Oh! All the human are brainwashed! Their society requires them to get married !? and humans eat beef which is a mammal species too! It's disgusting!"

I went a bit far, basically, the ESL industry is an industry with love who pass language skills to kids. None schools are looking for a new Jesus who can make China great again.

- Ready to overcome the culture shock

Culture shock, we are not only talking about kinds of stuff "How to use chopsticks". We are talking about the ability to agree to disagree.

Doing a French bisous with your colleagues in France is basic etiquette, doing a French bisous with your colleagues in China is considered sexual harassment.

Both the language barrier and the nationality difference can create tons of misunderstandings. It takes time to truly understand each other, it's also fun to experience it, just like the fun of cooking.

China has a large culture tolerance, you won't strictly be judged as a foreigner, at the same time, you also need to take some time to understand some Chinese manners.

Not only get used to the Chinese culture but also learn to the international culture. If you are a Christian from the US, your colleagues might be a Muslim comes from the UK. If you are an Irish from Northern Ireland, your colleague may come from England with a strong political mind. If you are democrats, your colleague may wear a hat "Make American Great Again" at a party. So, in an international atmosphere, let's agree to disagree.

- Passionate for passing your skills to your students

Children are cute, naughty at the same time. We can't really require every teacher to love their students, because even at Princeton University, some of the professors would have the thought "Oh, my students are dumb". For teaching overseas, we hope you enjoy the procedure to pass your knowledge to the students who have a totally different cultural background as you.

If you satisfy the requirements for teaching English in China, welcome to apply through us.

The requirements for teachers look picky, we are picky about choosing for schools for you too!

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