Mailing your documents to Beijing - What you need to know?

This article is a technical guide for the ESL/TEFL teachers who are going to teach in Beijing and have had the documents legalized for the work permit application.

Comparing with the other cities in China, the policy of the SAFEA in Beijing is a bit special. It requires the school submitting the Original Legalization documents in order to apply for the "Notification letter of the work permit".

List of documents need to be mailed to Beijing by post office

1. Degree (COPY) + All the legalizations (Original)

2. Police check(Original) + All the legalizations(Original)

3. TEFL certification(COPY) + All the Legalizations(Original)

4. Reference Letter of Teaching Experience (Original)

Tips for choosing the delivery service:

1. You could use the local post office to mail your documents to your school

2. Use the fast delivery service, DHL or FedEx would be good choices

The documents will be less than 1 KG, by using a fast delivery service, it costs 15 USD to 20 USD, and your documents can arrive in Beijing in less than 1 week. If you are using a slow delivery service, the prices might be 5 USD less expensive, but the document may arrive in Beijing in 1 month, which would slow a lot your work permit application process.

If you are worrying if your documents would get lost during delivery, I can tell you the international mailing service is quite safe. Lots of Chinese buyers in Europe and the US mail luxury products such as LV, Channel bags worth more than 5000 USD, the parcel can always arrive on time.

For the address

The school will send you the address both in Chinese and in English

Here is the example of the Address of Beijing Best Learning Headquarter:

In English:

Address: 4th floor, Building A, Anli Park, 66 Anli Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China,100101

Receiver: Jessica

Phone number: 1310XXXXXXX

In Chinese:

地址: 北京市朝阳区安立路66号安立写字楼A座4层贝乐英语



You need to fill in the English address on the delivery form given by the post office.

And print out the address in Chinese on an A4 paper, paste the paper on the surface of the envelope, to prevent the documents get lost while delivering inside China (The delivery man generally can't read English)

Paste the paper like this: