How to prepare for the trip to China as an ESL teacher?

After 2 months for the work visa process, now you are ready to go.

Psychologically, you must have 2 feelings:

1. Exciting to explore the new world

2. Anxiety for thousands of reasons

This article will give you a technical guide for the checklist to travel to China as an ESL teacher.

Let's start straight forward!

1. Inform your family

Not only saying goodbye.

Your family will worry about you a lot, especially when they are watching all the bad news about China from TV and newspaper.

You may worry about "How can I successfully find an apartment?" "Where to find good wine in China?", but the worry of your parents might be in a level "Will someone kidnaps my daughter?" or "Will my son be arrested as a foreigner in a communist country?"

Aye, every country in this world has its own propaganda to show its own citizens the other countries are dangerous and we are always get involved in political stuff even we don't want to. And the propaganda becomes more serious when it's about the West and China. Some Chinese parents even buy body armors for their children studying in the US after they watch the gunshot news.

So you need to make sure you have at least 1 communication App available to always keep in touch with your family, no matter skype, messenger, email or Snapchat. To let your family know that you arrived safely and share pictures of your daily life here.

Also, our agency WOOK Talent will be your emergency contact, please share our email or phone number with your family. Sometimes, when your phone is out of battery, or you are having problems with VPN which makes your family can't catch you in time, they can always email us, and we will contact your school to make sure everything is ok with you.

Now you are leaving your family, going to a new world without the support from the family. When you return back to your hometown the next time, you would feel you have grown up a lot with the new version of the world. This song is for you: << Goodbye Moonmen>> from Rick and Morty.

2. Send the flight ticket information to your school

For arranging the airport pick up for you at the right time and the right terminal of the airport.

Some schools will prepare your name panel and flowers for you like this:

Some schools, especially big brands like Bear Learning, will arrange a driver for you and will send you the driver information photo. And the driver will hold a panel of your name and wait for you at the airport:

If it's WOOK Talent who picks you up at the airport, you will benefit the professional tour guide of Shanghai city during the road trip from the airport to the hotel.

Also, you might be taken a photo with our big logo flag like this:

3. Get VPN installed on your laptop and phone

Youtube/Facebook are banned in China, but it's not illegal to use them in China, over 10% of Chinese use VPN to get access to Youtube/Facebook websites.

Our team will send you an email with the specifications.