How to fill in the China Work (Z) Visa application form in the UK, Australia, Canada in 2020

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

How to fill in the China work visa application form in the UK, Australia and Canada in 2020

This article is the detailed guide of how to fill in the China Work visa application form for British and Canadian candidates apply for the visa in the UK, Australia and Canada.

After months of communication with our recruitment team, finally, you got your notification letter of work permit. Now, we are on the real final step of the work visa process. Thanks for your patience for such a long time.

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This article only applies to British citizens, Australian and Candian citizens or other nationalities apply for a work visa in the UK or Canada.

The new version of China visa application form is the way very confusing, if you can finish the form by yourself without any guide, it means you are someone with IQ above 180 (Yes, even Einstein can’t understand). If your IQ is under 180, welcome to read this guide.

The work visa application shall contain four steps:

1. Fill in the work visa application form online

2. Make an appointment

3. Submit your documents to the China visa application center

4. Get passport back with the work visa

Let's begin the process straight forward:

Before filling the form, generally, you have got the notification letter of your work permit, as well as the employment contract.

Make sure you have had that information about your employer:

1. Name of your employer

2. Address of your employer (As well as Province, City, District, PostalCode)

3. Phone number of your employer

4. The email address of your employer (You could also give mine:

If some information is missing, welcome to contact us via Wechat or Skype.

Now you are sitting in front of your laptop, I suggest you put your passport on the desk as well or at least have a photo of your passport information page on your laptop. Also, prepare an ID photo with white background, if you don’t have it yet, take a selfie and send to us via Wechat or Skype, we will photoshop it into an ID photo.

Everything prepared, let’s begin!

Fill in the work visa application form online

- Go to the official website of China Visa Application center:

- Search “United Kingdom”, and choose the city according to your convenience

- Quick Access - Visa

- New Application Form, and then, click on Agree

- Application form introduction – start a new application form

Finish the puzzle verification, which is quite a Chinese verification tradition.

Section 1 – Personal Information

First of all, Note your application number on the left-top of the screen. You could copy it and send to our recruitment team via Wechat or Skype just to keep it somewhere. This number will be very important. It will be used for booking the appointments later, also, if there is an interruption while filling the form, you could use this number to go back to the form in any time.

Family name, given name, fill in the same information of your passport.

1.1D Formal name, it generally applies to married female candidates who have a different family name on passport and degree.

In this case, you need to fill in the formal name as well.

1.1E Full name – With order family name, given name.

For the photo uploaded, it must be with white background, the photo requirements are here:

While uploading the photo, cut the image and put head inside the small blue circle.

This photo will be printed on your visa page.

The national ID number is the number on your driver license or ID card number/Social security number

Fill in with the information on your passport (Image blow is the reference)

Section 2 – Application Information

2.1 Major purpose: (Z) Work – (Z) Foreign expert working in China

2.2A Validity of visa – 12 months

2.2B Longest stay – 365 days

2.2C Entries – Single (Less expensive on regarding the visa application fee as well)

2.3A Service – Normal – 3 business days

Section 3 – Work Information

3.1A Current occupation – Unemployed

3.2A Annual income – Fill in the number on your contract of English Teacher in China

3.3 Work experience – filling the information of your previous employer after your graduation, no need to be very specific and accurate.

If you are a fresh graduate, simply click on “Not Applicable”.

Section 4 - Education

4,2 Higher education – Fill in the information of your University of College

If you hold a Master degree and a BA degree in different universities, click on “Add Education Experience” to add information

Be specific on Year and Month, the Day doesn’t really matter.

Section 5 - Family Information

5.3 Cellphone – you could use the same number as your phone number

5.5 Family member – the date means the birthdate of your mother or father

If your mother or father has passed away, you could click on “Not applicable”

5.5D Children If you have children, fill in their information as well (They may come to join you with family visa later)

Section 6 – Travel Information

Attention! It’s a very confusing part of the application form!

Because you are applying for the Work (Z) visa, the booking of the flight ticket won’t be needed, you will neither submit the hotels or flight bookings to the China visa application center while submitting your passport.

So here, we need to fill in some information by “Estimation”, it’s not necessary to follow exactly the travel information on the form in the future, if you are applying for the work (Z) visa.

6.1A – Intended date of arrival – Filling in the date: 1 week after the date you submit your passport to the China visa application center. Example: You are filling the form on 1st Jan, you will submit the form on 10th Jan, so here, fill in a date like 17th Jan.

6.1B – Number of arrival train/ship/flight – Search a number of flight on Google, from London to Beijing/Shanghai, and fill in.

It’s just an estimation, you are not necessarily taking this flight.

6.1D County of Arrival – filling in the “District” of the address of your school


6.1J to 6.1N - Filling in the address of your school

Arrival date – same as 6.1A Intended date of arrival

Departure date – 1 year after the intended date of arrival

6.1E- Intended date of departure – Same as 6.1N date of departure

6.1F- Number of departure flight – Search on google, find a flight number from Beijing/Shanghai to London

6.1G 6.1H – City of departure/county of departure – Filling in the city/county of your school

This is a very important part of the form!

Filling in the information of your employer according to the contract or the work permit notification letter.

6.3 Emergency Contact- you could fill in the information of your father or mother

6.4 – Who will pay for this travel – Self

Even it’s the school who buy the flight tickets and arrange the hotels for you, filling in ”self” as well, because the other choices requires lots of other documents, which will make the process slower.

6.5 Domestic / foreign sponsor – Not Applicable

6.6 Travel Companions

If you are traveling alone – No

If you are traveling with your husband/wife/children – filling in their information as well.

Section 7 Travel Information In the Past

No notes – filling in your true information

Section 8 – Other Information

No Notes – generally, all choose No

Section 9 – Mailing information


You always need to present yourself physically to the China visa application center to submit the documents.

But for getting the passport back with a work visa, you could choose from

1. By visiting the visa center to COLLECT the passport by yourself

2. By post, your passport will be sent back to you.

If you choose “By Post”, please make sure the address you fill in is accurate, and the phone number you left on the section 1 is correct.

Section 10 – Declaration/Review

Please take 5 mins to review the form, and make sure all the information is correct!

10.1A Declaration – Personal application

The second choice is under the circumstance that you are using an agency to apply for you.

If you are using an agency, you won’t read this article.. lol

Then, click on “Submit the Application Form”, it’s done!

1. Save your application number carefully

2. Download the forms – Keep the PDF very well

3. Click on “To make an appointment”

If you have problems downloading the application form on this page.

You could always go to the website:

Choose the United Kingdom – The city you are going to apply – Quick Access – Visa – Manage Application

Type in your application number and passport number, to find your application form at any time.

Make an appointment

Go back to the site, Quick access – Visa

Appointment – Application

Filling in your information, application number, passport number and confirm

Choose a date, (Blue means the China visa application center is available), and time.

The appointment made successfully! Download the reservation form.

Before you go to the Chinese embassy, make sure you get those documents prepared:

1. Passport (Original)

2. Application form (Original, sign your signature and date on the first page and last page)

3. Visa Appointment Confirmation Form (Original)

4. One photo (If it’s hard to find a photo printer, you could print the photo in color in a A4 paper, and cut it)

5. Work permit Notification Letter (Copy)

6. 217 GBP for British Applicants and 157 CAD for Canadian Applicants visa application fee in cash (You can also pay by debit card)

You can find the address of the China Visa Application Center at the homepage – About us – Office hours & Location

Good luck for the work visa application!

The pass rate is always 100% from our side, if you read this article while filling the application form, so the pass rate would be 120%!

Hope the information on this article could help you!

If you have any question during the process, welcome to contact us via email

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to either your friends are looking for English teaching jobs in China, or they are looking for the visa guide, we are here to help!

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