How to fill in the China Work (Z) Visa application form in America/ in 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

How to fill in the China work visa application form in America in 2020

This article is the detailed guide of how to fill in the China Work visa application form for American candidates apply for the work visa.

After months of communication with our recruitment team, finally, you got your notification letter of work permit. Now, we are on the real final step of the work visa process. Thanks for your patience for such a long time.

If you are not one of our candidates yet, welcome to share our website with your friends, for the sake of our professionality ;)

The work visa application shall contain four steps:

1. Fill in the work visa application form online

2. Make an appointment

3. Submit your documents to the Chinese embassy

4. Get passport back with the work visa

Before filling the form, generally, you have got the notification letter of your work permit, as well as the employment contract.

Make sure you have had that information about your employer:

1. Name of your employer

2. Address of your employer (As well as Province, City, District, PostalCode)

3. Phone number of your employer

4. The email address of your employer (You could also give mine:

If some information is missing, welcome to contact us via Wechat or Skype.

Now you are sitting in front of your laptop, I suggest you put your passport on the desk as well or at least have a photo of your passport information page on your laptop. Also, prepare an ID photo with white background, if you don’t have it yet, take a selfie and send to us via Wechat or Skype, we will photoshop it into an ID photo.

Everything prepared, let’s begin!

Download the Application Form

You could download it from the embassy website, you could also click here to download.

Open it via the Chrome Browser, let's start filling in.

- Except for the signature at the end of the form, it requires TYPING, handwriting is not acceptable


Part 1: Personal Information