Documents Legalization for China Work visa/ Work Permit Application - Ultimate Guide

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Not only you, all the ESL teachers feel confused about the document legalization process!

Not matter which country you go, as long as you are applying for the work visa as a TEFL teacher, documents' legalization is unavoidable.

This article is technical guidance regarding the legalization of the documents. We will use a very understandable way to explain it.

During the work visa application process, there are only 3 documents that would take your time, money and energy to prepare. Those 3 documents require the legalization of the Chinese embassy.

The purpose of the legalization is very simple: make your foreign document recognized by the Chinese government

The documents required to be legalized are:

- Degree

- Police Check

- TEFL certification

(Note: If the major of your degree is relative to language or education, or you have had 2 years teaching experience after graduation, you won't need a TEFL, neither need to legalize it)

Once your documents are legalized, your school could use your documents to apply for the work permit notification letter for you.

Each of your documents will go through 3 legalization process

- Firstly | Notarization | by the Notary Public

- Secondly | Apostille | by the Foreign Ministry (UK) OR Secretary of the states (USA, CA)

- Thirdly | Legalization | by the Chinese embassy

This is the most confusing part of the legalization process.

Why!? Why 3 process!?

Why can't the Chinese embassy just legalize my document directly!?

Basically, the legalization process is like a trust line between the different levels of departments of the country.

Let us explain to you the story by a cartoon:

This is you, who just signed a contract with a school in China, and ready to start the legalization process

This is the Notary public, the solicitor who will do the notarization of your documents:

This is the Foreign ministry (UK - FCO) or Secretary of the state (USA, CA), who will attach the apostille on your documents: