China, Japan, and Thailand, which is the best country to work abroad

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

One of the amazing things while working in an international recruiting agency WOOK Talent is that, sometimes, you meet great people.

This month, we met the senior journalist from Canadian national television CBC, who is currently in Shanghai and reporting the NBA games, Christopher Johnson. Since Chris is an international journalist who is mainly doing his report in Asian countries, we interviewed him about the Topic - What is the best country in Asian to work abroad, China, Japan, or Thailand. We believe that Chris can offer some good advice for you when you are looking for an oversea ESL teaching job.

Chris is very senior, he went to China in the year 1980, when China just finished the culture revolution, and open herself to the world. Chris is the first generation of the western journalist who has been to China.

During his career, he has been to 110 countries including 10 ware zones, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Interviewed thousands of celebrities and politician including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Yao Ming, Li Na, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Kei Nishikori and Serena Williams among others, and politicians including prime ministers or foreign ministers of Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, East Timor and Russia, and also King Felipe VI of Spain and Gen. Peter Cosgrove, Governor-General of Australia. Worked for CBC, BBC and France 24.

Here is a recap of our interview with Christopher Johnson:

A (Anatole): How long have you lived in Japan, China, and Thailand?

C (Christopher Johnson): About 3 Decades.

A: Jesus, that's a long time.

C: The first time I came to China was 1987, so you can imagine how much change has happened in that time, that's what makes China such an exciting place to live. You can be part of that change, you can be part of that development and part of the great history that's happening here right now.

A: What do you think the main difference between the societies of China, Japan, and Thailand?

C: I think in terms of work, you know they are three very different places, depends on what you want to do. When I lived in Thailand I wanted to do things as I want to finish writing a book, but took a good look but it took me about five years because I kept going to islands and I thought maybe I'll sit in the hammock for a while, oh well I mean it's too hot sit a hammock, I'll go swimming, well it's still quite hot,

maybe I'll drink a beer and then it was difficult to get work done.

C: So I went to Japan, everybody in Japan is working all the time maybe I can get things done there, but you know Japan is a very different society they have their way of doing things, they have their culture, harmony is very important, there's a lot of great things you can do in Japan.