FAQ for Teaching in China

Is China safe?

China has not only the largest population but also the lowest crime rate in the world. Reason : 1. China has the most strict drug control in the world. 2. China has the most strict gun control in the world. 3. The unemployment rate in China is only 4.9% in 2018 (Full-time housewives are considered as unemployment population). Here is the world map of homicide/murder rate : A video about the question if China is safe:

Do I need to speak Chinese to be an English teacher in China?

No, you don't need to speak Chinese. To be an English teacher in China. Chinese language level is not necessary. For life :
Most young Chinese speak English. Still, many Chinese aren't able to speak English. However there are very well working translation applications you can use for free. For work :
Typically, there will be a a Chinese teaching assistant in the classroom who speaks Chinese and English to ease communications.

Can I still apply, if I don’t have a teaching background?

Yes! For being an English teacher, the experience is never the most important element. For most of the positions, the age of students is between 3 to 12 years old. Since it’s their best age to learn oral English, they need to be sensitized and get a judicious feeling for the English language and its pronunciation. You don’t need to teach them complex grammar or literature. The most important thing is to pass your native accent to them and show them simple sentences and words.

I have never lived abroad before. Will it be difficult for me?

If it's your first time to live abroad, China might be a good choice for you.
Chinese people are very friendly and happy about making contact with foreigners. 孔子曰“有朋自远方来,不亦说乎
Confucius said: "It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar." Affected deeply by confucianist culture for over 5000 years, Chinese people are always passionate to help and make friends with foreigners in China.
But you will also meet some problems in the first month arriving in China since it just takes some time to adapt. The language barrier, change of food, etc. Most of our candidates would overcome it soon, and get used to the environment in the second month. After arriving in China, if you feel incredibly uncomfortable or miss your family too much, you could also consider your "relocating to China" as " a short-term trip to China" and leave whenever you want, since there won't be any punishment term on the employment contract.

Do I have to pay for your agency?

Our service is totally free for our candidates. Besides, we are not only free on efficient job placement but also provide free VPN, a reliable visa consulting service and airport pickup service for our candidates. Why do we offer all of those free services to our candidates?
Because we believe in "kindness" as the "key" of a successful business.

What should I expect for salary and benefits?

For the salary expectation : For candidates coming from native speaking countries with teaching experience or educational background, here are the salary ranges of different schools : Training school: 2200 ~ 2700 USD
International school : 2200 ~ 2700 USD
Kindergarten: 2000 ~ 2500 USD
Public school: 1800 ~ 2000 USD For candidates coming from native speaking countries with teaching experience or educational background, here are the salary ranges of different schools : Training school: 2600 ~ 3200 USD
International school : 2600 ~ 3200 USD
Kindergarten: 2300 ~ 2600 USD
Public school: 2000 ~ 2200 USD Generally, schools will provide accommodation allowance in big cities. Whereas schools in smaller cities will provide accommodation directly. The salary range won't vary a lot between big cities and small cities but the cost in small towns in China is much lower than in big cities. Please note that :
The notion of "small town" in China means a town with 5 million population.
If we talk about big cities the population can reach 15 million people easily.

Is my salary enough for living in China ?

Totally. Most of our candidates are able to save 1500 USD per month on average since it would be quite hard for them to spend all of their monthly salaries. While you are having a salary range from 2500 USD to 3500 USD as an English teacher in China, the average salary in China is about 800 USD. 500 USD is enough for a good life in China. Most products and services in China are much more affordable than in western countries without sacrificing the quality. In modern cities like Shanghai the price level is increasing rapidly because of many foreigners living and demanding for western products there. Please be aware of this.

How do I transfer money from China to my home country ?

1. By Money Gram, Western Union or PayPal: Moneygram and Western Union work well in China for transferring money internationally. Of course, also Paypal is working. You just need to fill in one form at the bank in China which contains your information and the information of the receiver (family or friends). After 10 mins, your family or friends can go to the local bank in your home city and take the money out by filling in one simple form. When you do transfer RMB, your family or friends will receive local currency (GBP or USD) directly by the current exchange rate. The service charge might be a little bit expensive, but it is efficient, easy and safe. 2. By Alipay: It's the common way of sending money bank to bank in China. You just need to fill in your bank information of your home country (SWIFT code) by using the Alipay APP and do the money transfer by the current exchange rate. Since it's the common way, the lead time is long - up to 5 working days, but the service charge would be lower than Western Union and MoneyGram. 3. By using bank card: When you use the ATM distributors in your home country, you may find this logo (UnionPay) on numbers of ATMs.

How much money should I prepare for my first month in China ?

For your first month in China (before getting your first months' salary). We suggest you to prepare 500 USD and the flight ticket from your home country to China. You can exchange USD into RMB both by the banks of your home country or banks in China. The currency exchange service on the airports is always available, but quite expensive for the service charge. 500 USD is for buying new pillows, new bed sheets, new pots and pans in China. If you have already run out of money for buying the flight ticket from your home country to China, we could ask your employer to prepay your first month's salary in advance in order to ensure your life quality in the first month.

Will you help me to get my VISA?

Yes, as one of the most reliable ESL recruiting agencies and a professional visa consulting agency in China we will do everything to support you getting the best visa solution for you. Our service is totally free for our candidates. Please check the site about VISA on our website itself. We give detailed information on the VISA topic over there.

What about medical care?

Chinese hospitals are efficient but un-expensive. The population in China is 1.3 billion and the average lifetime of Chinese is 77 years. Due to the population it requires a very efficient national medical care system. Medical insurance is included in the social insurance system. By the human resource law for foreigners working in China, you could choose to pay for it or not. But it won't be very necessary due to low medical care cost in China.

I want to come to China as soon as possible, how soon can I arrive?

We will help you to be able to come as soon as possible to China and start teaching since we are also interested in an efficient and reliable job placement of our candidates.

What about a Chinese SIM card and a bank account?

Bank card - Huaxia Bank or ICBC

Requirements: Passport and 100 RMB by cash

Issue time: 10 mins

Sim card - China Mobile or China Union Requirements: passport and about 100 RMB for 10 GB data Issue time: 10 minutes

If you have more specific questions, welcome to contact us.