About Us


WOOK Talent, founded in 2014, is one of the leading ESL (English as the Second Language) enterprises in China. Our main purpose is to provide English teacher placement service and visa consulting service for our candidates.


We are elated to participate in gaining access to the Chinese educational market for graduates, teachers, and teachers-to-be all over the world and help to improve the global communication of the future.


WOOK Talent now collaborates with over 1200 companies in the ESL market and offers more than 500 job vacancies for English teachers and educational managers per month in Mainland China.

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WOOK Talent is an authenticated Limited Liability Company through the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs and the American embassy in China, authorized to offer recruiting services and information consulting services.

Our Team

WOOK Talent was founded in 2014 by three young men at Shanghai University who dreamed to explore the world. Our ambition was very simple. We have seen too many young outstanding Chinese students abroad having difficulties in social communication because of poor oral English. By recruiting native English speakers with the purpose to teach English in China, we could not only improve the English level of the next generation but also increase chances for young people all over the world to get to know China. 


Since the beginning, our professional and high-quality services are being recognized by more and more schools and candidates. We keep working hard for the education quality of Chinese students, we keep improving our service for the happiness of our candidates, we keep growing for making the world an easier place to communicate between different nations.



Engineering background, 3 years experience in HR field.


" Our main responsibility is serving our clients and candidates from the beginning to the end."


Key Account Management

Arts background, 3 years experience in the business development  of  HR field.

"We are supposed to find the most reliable schools for our candidates and to ensure an appropriate balance of the right and duty between employers and employees."




Educational background, 5 years experience in the education industry.

"We systematically arrange every single job placement process, giving our candidates a decent sense of security.  "




Financial background, 3 years experience in banking and real estate management.

1 year experience in HR field.

"We are proud that our work shall simplify the communication of the future generation."